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Inscrierile ca membru in SSCR + trimiterea formularului de activare pentru anul 2013/2014 (dovada a platii cotizatiei) se vor face de acum doar la adresa Cei inscrisi deja aici sunt rugati sa isi faca cont si acolo daca doresc sa aiba o siguranta suplimentara pana cand vom face si importul datelor. Inscrierile la proiecte se fac dupa cum a fost anuntat si planificat. Multumim


Societatea Studenteasca de Chirurgie din Romania - Filiala Constanta

in colaboration with
Faculty of Medicine University "Ovidius" Constanta

is organizing between 1st - 3rd November 2013 the workshop

Knots & Sutures Vth edition

For foreign medical students

The purpose of this workshop is to give the possibility to students, to have a minimum contact with the basic principles of surgery and test their skills, see if they are able to choose an eventual career in this domain.

For further details and registration click on the link: