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Surgery Summer Camp


The Romanian Students' Surgical Society

in collaboration with

The Surgery Department of the Faculty of Medicine
"Ovidius" University, Constanta


The Association of Medical Students and Young Doctors, Constanta

is organizing during 22-28 August 2011

the 5th edition of Surgery Summer Camp

for medical students interested in surgery.


The head instructor is Professor Doctor Vasile Sarbu, first surgeon, chairman of the Second Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, “Ovidius” University, Constanta.

These workshops will enable the participants to study the basic surgical skills and more, to evaluate their qualities and decide whether they will settle upon a surgical career or not, so they can engage in residency well trained, both in theoretical knowledge and in practice.

At the same time, the camp tries to create a relaxed but professional atmosphere, that would help to fulfill the educational goals and in which the medical students get to know colleagues from other medical centers in Romania and abroad, working as a team, building friendships, which leads to the improvement of the relationships between universities and set the foundation for future national and international projects.


• Asepsis and safety measures used in the operating room
• Presentation of the basic surgical instruments and their use
• Knot tying
• Cleaning and wound care, suturing indication
• Types of sutures
• Bandages, dressings
• Usual surgical maneuvers (paracentesis, thoracocentesis, drain placement, rectal and vaginal examination, naso-gastric probe)
• Hemostatic ligatures
• Intestinal anastomoses
• Notions of vascular suture
• Arterial reconstruction and anastomosis
• Laparoscopic notions


Accommodation is provided by the "Ovidius" University of Constanta, in rooms with 3 beds and bathroom in each room. The students' hostel is located across from "La scoica" Restaurant on Mamaia Blvd.
Breakfast and lunch meals are provided by catering at the Faculty of Medicine.
The classes take place every day at the Faculty of Medicine, Aleea Universitatii nr.1 (Campus, corp B), at a ten minutes walk away from the hostel.



A short movie from past editions of Surgery Summer Camp: .

1st camp: 1-7 August (official language: Romanian )
2nd camp: 8-14 August (official language: Romanian )
3rd camp: 15-21 August (official language: Romanian )
4th camp: 22-28 August (international camp - official language: English)


until 16:00 - Welcoming the participants, transport to the students' hostel
20:00 - Opening ceremony

Monday - Friday
08:30 - Breakfast
09:00 - 14:30 - Course
15:00 - 16:00 - Lunch
from 16:30 - Social Programme

08:30 - Breakfast
09:00 - 14:30 - Course, evaluation
15:00 - 16:00 - Lunch
16:00 - 18:00 - Certificate delivery and ending party



Each course consists of 6 modules (1 module per day) with a duration of approximately 5 hours per module. The modules start on Monday and finish Saturday.

Each module has a theoretical part asissted by instructors of SSCR. The instructors will provide additional information to the presentations and will engage participants in discussions on the given topic.

The theoretical part of the course is accompanied by a practical part consisting in demonstrations performed by the main instructor at the central desk, whose instructions are followed step by step by the participants working at their tables. The demonstrations carried out by the main instructor are filmed and presented in real time.

Given the fact that surgery involves teamwork, the 20 participants are arranged in pairs at the 10 work tables. Each student will be given a surgical kit consisting of: scalpel, anatomical forceps, surgical forceps, 2 Pean forceps, a Kocher forceps, 2 needle-holders, surgical scissors, thread scissors, needles, suture threads, examination gloves.

The instructors sit among the students, they supervise and help participants in making the surgical maneuvers designed and explained by the main instructor. Each technique is repeated until all students get accustomed to it and only afterwards the next one is presented.

Rules & Regulations:

Article I - Conditions for participation:

  •   The participants will be chosen from the students who attend any Medical Faculty in Romania or abroad, who have completed at least 2 years of study;
  •   The participants must have completed the application form to all its demands, without omitting any field and without giving false information, at least three weeks before the beginning of the camp;
  •   The participants must have paid the fee after being confirmed to have obtained a place at the workshop;
  •   The participants are required to agree to respect this regulation and accept that in case of major deviations they will bear the consequences of Article 5;


Article II - Participation in the surgical techniques worshop

  • Participation in all 6 modules is compulsory;
  • The absence from a module can be accepted only on the basis of serious reasons;
  • Participants shall strictly comply to the programme of the workshop;
  • The participants will wear a surgery room attire (surgical costume);
  • The participants will comply with the rules of safety presented in the first day of class. The organizers are not responsible for any accidents which may occur during handling of surgical instruments;
  • The participants will display an appropriate conduct, they will maintain the work tables clean and will not deteriorate furniture, surgical instruments or simulators;
  • Taking materials or surgical instruments outside the laboratory is strictly forbidden;


Article III. Accommodation and meals

  •  Participants will stay at the students' hostel of the University "Ovidius" of Constanta located close to the place were the courses will be held.
  •  The rooms will be distributed according to the given conditions, taking into account participants' preferences.
  •  The participants will display an appropriate conduct and will respect the rules of students' hostel.
  •  Breakfast and lunch is included in the fee and will be provided by catering.

Article IV. Social Programme

  •   Participants will be able to take part to the social programme organized by the ASMTMC students after the ending of the courses.
  •   The social programme is not mandatory.
  •   Participants can spend their free time after the end of a module until the next module however they please, but they oblige not to have activities that could affect their participation in good conditions at the workshop.


Article V. Other

  •  If any of the students wishes to withdraw his/her participation, SSCR must be notified at least 7 days before the start date of the workshop. SSCR will refund the fee, less 25%. If the 7 days period is not respected the fee will not be refunded.
  •  If any of the participants does not comply with current regulations, the sanctions can vary from loss of accomodation to denial of the certificate of participation;


The participation fee is 200 euro.

The fee covers:

- Participation to theoretical and practical courses
- Accommodation in students' hostel of the Faculty of Medicine of Constanta - rooms with 3 beds and bathroom
- Workshop bag and handbook
- Breakfast and lunch meals at the Faculty of Medicine
- Courses for consumables (suture threads, needles, scalpel blades, gloves, etc.)
- Social programme
- Participation at the opening and ending ceremonies.

If a student wishes to withdraw his/her participation he/she must be notify SSCR at least 7 days before the start date of workshop. SSCR will refund the fee, less 25%. If the 7 days period is not respected the fee will not be refunded.

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The submission deadline is 10th of July 2011, 23:59.

Accepted participants


The coordinators of this project are

Florin Djendov
phone: (+40) 751 257 214

Calin Popa
phone: (+40) 743 578 432