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Bucharest - Basic Surgical Skills for Foreign Students - Second Edition, 19th-24th March 2012


  The Romanian Student Surgical Society, Bucharest branch

In collaboration with

"Carol Davila" University of Medicine and Pharmacy
& Surgical Section of "Carol Davila" Nephrology Hospital

organises the practical workshop in the period of 19th-24th March 2012

The Second Edition of Basic Surgical Skills English

for foreign medical students


This workshop proposes going to some basic surgical notions as well as learning the correct  way of making surgical operating techniques and gestures so that they can be put in every day use by the student or by the young doctor


Notions of Asepsis and Antisepsis
Surgical Instruments
Surgical Knots
Wound Management
Surgical Sutures
Laparotomy and Parietoraphy
Principles of Haemostasis
Thoracocentesis and  paracentesis
Nasogastric intubation
Uretral catheterization
Rectal examination and vaginal examination
Digestive anastomosis
Vascular sutures and anastomosis
Introduction in  Laparoscopic Surgery


"Carol Davila" Nephrology Hospital, Building A, 4th Floor.



Monday - Friday from 15.00pm to 19.30pm.
Saturday: 10.00 am to 14.30 pm.


Participation fee for this workshop is 110 RON for SSCR members and 140 RON for SSCR non-members.This covers the material used and other administrative expenses.The fee payment is done after receiving the acceptance confirmation,in the SSCR bank account: Bucuresti – SV 2581 5294 100, IBAN pt homebanking: RO 05 BRDE 410 SV 2581 5294 100
You will receive an email with all the information, together with the deadline for payment.

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 Deadline: Sunday, 12th February 2012. .

Accepted participants

Accepted participants

1. Deniz Mohammed F. M. Ali
2. Staierman Maor
3. Alexander Kukuev
4. Ravid Pitaro
5. Ohad Segal
6. Alisa Biton
7. Leemor Baruch
8. Rotem Sanderovitz
9. Deshwinder Singh Sindhu
10. Daniel Fux
11. Amira Asaad
12. Anil Sachdev
13. Maudlyn Ogechi Chuku
14. Komel Ali
15. Ilana Meirson
16. Sumaira Tariq
17. Shireen Ahmed
18. Yaron Mor
19. Michael Markovits
20. Arie Greenberg
21. Orli Aharon
22. Raj Kumar Choudhary



The Coordinator of this edition of this project is:
Andreea Benescu
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