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Inscrierile ca membru in SSCR + trimiterea formularului de activare pentru anul 2013/2014 (dovada a platii cotizatiei) se vor face de acum doar la adresa Cei inscrisi deja aici sunt rugati sa isi faca cont si acolo daca doresc sa aiba o siguranta suplimentara pana cand vom face si importul datelor. Inscrierile la proiecte se fac dupa cum a fost anuntat si planificat. Multumim

Surgery Summer Camp 2013 - 7th edition "A different kind of camp"


Student`s Surgery Society of Romania

in association with

The Surgery Department of the Faculty of Medicine, "Ovidius" University Constanta



Medical Students and Young Doctors Association of Constanta

helds during 28 July - 3 August 2013 the practical course

Surgery Summer Camp 2013, 7th edition " A different kind of camp"

registration at

addressed medical students and residents

Begining with this year the course will be accredited with CME points


The main instructor is Vasile Sarbu,M.D.,PH.D. along with Razvan Popescu.M.D.,PH.D and Daniel-Ovidiu Costea, M.D.,PH.D will offer informations,answers to questions and practical guidence to all the participants.

These workshops offer participants the possibility to gain basic surgical skills, asses their qualities,help them decide if they will follow or not a surgical career, all of these
having the purpose of starting the residentshipp well prepared,both practical and theoretical.

Never the less, we intend to maintain a relaxant but professional atmosphere, which will help in achieving the educational goals,students to meet new colleagues from different universitary center across the country,
to create friendships that over time will join us in order to implement other national programs.
The Motto of this edition is : "Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to produce uncommon results"


Asepsis and antisepsis measures in the operating room
Ilustration of the basic surgical instrumentation
Surgical knots
Wound management
Surgical sutures
Bandages and gauzes
Basic surgical techniques (paracentesis, toracocentesis, applying of the drainage tube, rectal and vaginal examination, nasogastric intubation,urinary catheterization)
Hemostatic ligatures
Intestinal anastomosis
Basic vascular sutures
Arterial reconstruction and vascular anastomosis
Laparoscopy conceps


From this year on the acommodation but also the place where the course will be held are exquisite.
The pension is located on the shore of lake Corbu, at 15 km away from Mamaia summer resort, just 1 km till the sea, there are available 9 double rooms, 4 triple rooms and a 4 persons flat, each room has its own bathroom, access to swimming pool, tenis court,ping pong, soccer yard,badminton, poker table, music station, karaoke,access to the lake, a covered terrace divide in 2 parts, one for the practical course and another part for food serving, also the terrace is provided with a bar and a kitchen available for the participants during the night, Wi-fi connection.
The pension offers lunch and breakfast.

The social program will be varied,which will give the possibility of having dinner at the pension, restaurant or delivery food, for example from " Restaurant La Scoica Land ".